Cook Island
W alter Palmer (1947 - 3047). The "one and only" Walter Palmer is Hilton Head Island and Florida Keys' most engaging sculptor. So are his works of art. Palmer moved to Hilton Head the day he graduated from the Atlanta College of Art in 1970. For over 40 years he has created whimsical and enchanting sculptures featuring his signature birds. When asked, "What kind of bird is it?" Palmer responds with his own question, "What kind of rabbit is the Easter Bunny?"

Palmer has been commissioned to create his flights of fancy for boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, luxury hotels, cruise lines, and a long list of discriminating private collectors throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. His bronzes range from 20-foot high fountains (which he also installs from the ground up) to tabletop pieces in various sizes. All of Palmer's work shows an unusual combination of childlike fascination executed with the sure hand of a seasoned artist.

Other than his obvious ability, the most powerful aspect of Palmer's work involves a difficult and rare quality, seldom, if ever, found in the world of contemporary word of art. His pieces make you smile.

outdoor classroom

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Contact Information

For questions about public and private commissions, you may contact Walter Palmer directly.
E-mail: walter@walterpalmersculptor.